Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Gamasutra or Bust

After that C & D letter, I really started to think about how companies view their Intellectual Property.

I'm still quite bitter about TEARDOWN being told to shelve their amazing Space Hulk remake until further notice - which hasn't come yet. Thankfully, you can hoist your sails and still find the game being torrented.

As I continued to dwell, I realized I wanted to publish an article on how fan-made products can be a really good thing for the IP's community, if fostered and cared for correctly. Harry Potter has a HUGE amount of fan-fiction written about it. How engrossed would fans feel, if Rowling picked a few of the best authors to help her write the Harry Potter encyclopedia? I'd have a lot more respect for Rowling, that's for sure.

Looking back to TEARDOWN, I'm very curious as to how many of the 327 Gigabytes downloaded, went to players who hadn't played 40k since they played the original Space Hulk board game. Or even better, how much nostalgia was nurtured. How much curiosity was piqued. If I were in the Public Relations offices of Games Workshop and THQ, I would love to get my hands on the curious folk who haven't paid attention to the IP in a decade or so. Chances are, they would absolutely love where the games have gone. Now, however, all they see is the traditionally cold Games Workshop preventing them from having fun.

Not cool.

This is gonna germinate for awhile.

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