Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Zombie CCG

So, Mad Max - on the Exanimus forums - started a thread about making our own custom Exanimus CCG cards, while posting his own photoshopped Magic: The Gathering card as an example.

I went hunting for a MtG Card Generator, and ended up finding a Cease and Desist letter to a fan-made program. This kinda got me in a foul mood, but at the same time made my creative wheels start turning.

So, I'm designing a fan-made companion CCG, for Exanimus fans to play while they wait for the game to be released. I'm adding a 'roll' system, because I admired Warhammer 40k's CCG mechanic so much. Instead of die, though, I'm just going to give individual cards a designated Power, which have to be equal to or lower than an action for it to succeed. On top of that, I want each deck to have a 'Total Power,' which would have to be distributed among the cards. For instance, a deck with a Total Power of 100 could have 10, 10 Power, cards. Or 100, 1 Power Cards.

Currency: Ammo, Food, and Petrol. Subject to change, as Zombies would only have 'Food' resources in their decks. Dead food, that is.
HP: Health of a character
Aim: A value 1-10, of how good a shot the character is.
Hit: Like Aim, but for melee.

Types of cards:
Character: (Zombie, Outcast, or Survivor)
Tactics: (Leer, Ambush, Snipe)
Resource: (Abandoned Gas Station, Beat-Up Pick-Up)
Equipment: (Sledgehammer, Leather Jacket, Motorcycle)

All I got for now.

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