Monday, March 31, 2008

Mega Update #1 - Part 1 - Gaia

I apologize for being quiet for so long, after the blog just started, but I've been a tad distracted the past few days.

First thing's first, Gaia's Announcement on their grassroots advertising campaign: Mischief Makers.

I believe their mission is this:
One, create a database of their member's meatspace locations. And,
Two, get some free advertising.

Your reward, if you complete your mission that you choose to accept, and the Admins choose your entry to win, is one of three virtual items that go for quite a bit on the marketplace.

Now, I think Gaia's done some pretty stupid things in the past*, but this isn't one of them. It makes good business sense, and allows its members to participate in the site they enjoy. There's some very passionate Gaians out there - as the west coast's Conventions can attest to. They are also very creative, and I have no doubt there will be plenty of mischief making going on.

*Or not so recent past, like making money on lolcat memes that stemmed from Something Awful or 4chan. They risk wrath.

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