Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Relocation Complete

Hello everyone, from Monterey, California! Yes, yes, I have moved from dreary and depressed Michigan to weather-static yet economic panicky Cali. However, that I am now working for the Monterey Bay Aquarium and see the Pacific Ocean every day, I can assure you that my quality of life has skyrocketed. Sadly this is at the expense of time spent on the internet.

And yes, in retrospect I probably could have mentioned that I might be having a hiatus. I opted to instead tell you about the plan afterwards, like a supervillain. That and I was distracted.

Distracted with what, you ask? Roleplaying! I am now in at least four separate pen-and-paper campaigns. Two of which, I'm GMing.

The first campaign I joined was Exalted. "Real ultimate power," I was told as I made my character. There's a high Martial Arts edge to the campaign that's being run, so the game itself is a Demigod-powered mix between Kung Fu Hustle and Pirates of the Caribbean. (It's set in the West.)

I opted to go Lunar, since it seemed more my style. A high temperance and conviction No Moon who wants to bring social and natural harmony to the West. His animal form is, basically, a Dire Komodo. Though since we're in the West, it can swim. I took some Charms I probably shouldn't have during character creation, so all my character is currently good for at the moment is acting as a soundboard for planning. Still no perfect dodge, and I only have Mantis Form to the form itself.

It's really super fun, though. I'm really glad I've been introduced to the game. The backstory and expanse of fiction is really, really impressive.

The second game I joined was 7th Sea. Holy jeez, I had not gamed until this system. Swashbuckling through-and-through, with a clever filtering of Europe's history into a great fantasy world.

My character, Luca Caligari, is a nephew of the Prince Caligari, and one of his Lord's Hands. My virtue spread was very fortuitous for me, as I captain my own (gun)ship. Though now I'm little more than a taxi for the group I joined, it looks like my social and martial prowesses are coming into their own very quickly.

I even got a steampunk/Syrneth ring made up for me at Polycon, to wear during game.

The last two games are the ones I GM. Rever is my post-apocalyptic fantasy world that I use Maptool to run. I'm currently attempting to switch over from Fate 2.0 to Savage Worlds - last game we used the system and I really, really like it. Savage Worlds is indeed Fast, Furious, and Fun! Considering it's also only 10 bucks, it was well worth the purchase.

Then, finally, my Mutants and Masterminds game. It was meant to be a micro-series, while my roommate was unable to game on Sundays, but the players love it so much they want me to keep going with it. One of them even pulled me aside and thanked me, as he'd never written fiction for any of his characters before this one. Considering I think he's a great GM himself, this was quite a compliment.

The story is actually put together really well. Three separate plots all woven together, with a lot of extrapolation going on that allows me to easily expand the scope of the team's adventuring. It also helps that they all think we're heading for a 30 Xanatos Pileup.

Alas, the babbling has to come to an end now. Thanks for checking in, and let me know if you want me to expand on any of these next time.


  1. Oh Hia thar. Welcome to your new home.

  2. Thankya. It is quite nice here. :3