Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Faceless in Post Apocalyptic Fantasy

Much of my now scarce free time is spent participating in or even running table-top RPGs. In fact, as I write this, I have my newest character sitting in my lap while I wait for a new campaign to begin.

This array of different situations has given me a frustrating irritation when it comes to running my single online game, Rever. Using Maptools is great, allowing for dice macros and gridmaps to be shared amongst players. As it turns out, this was the only campaign which actually used gridmaps. As a gamemaster, I have had a growing hunch that my game wasn't really as fun as it should be.

I asked a player of mine a couple questions to try and get an answer to this hunch.

A week later, I realized why her favorite session was her favorite session.

I've been feeling obligated to use the gridmap software - to my own detriment. The best game sessions were when I never used the thing aside from showing a region map.

Next Sunday will be a test to see if this is in fact a correct deduction or if perhaps it's more of the faceless table that's causing a problem. I think I'm going to turn the map into a top-down view of a table and see how that goes...

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