Saturday, March 14, 2009

Enter Raptor Valley

So Titan Quest is fun, but its mod creation tools are almost as much. Lavinia is there for scale.

A little peek into the transition area approaching the marsh of my level. I'm calling it Raptor Valley, in the hopes that later on I'll be able to replace the main player-character model with one of the 'Raptor' models. Then, I'm hoping to have a branching storyline, using the same map progressing through time - instead of progressing through different areas altogether.

Combat will be negligent, amazingly enough, and will be more about exploration and world interaction. Depending on certain factors when a level ends, the world will change accordingly. Kill too much prey, for instance, and you'll quickly die of starvation. Hunt too many humans, and they'll start hunting you back.

At least, I hope I can do all of this.

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