Thursday, March 19, 2009

BoRT: March 09 - January Introspection

The Blogs of the Round Table is a monthly extravaganza of talent orchestrated by Corvus Elrod of Man Bytes Blog.

If you submitted a post to either the January or February topics, feel free to write about the process you underwent in converting literary themes into gameplay. Did you struggle with anything in particular? Are you satisfied that your game design(s) communicated what you intended? Have subsequent comments or idea made you wish you could go back and start he process over? And how much does your design say about you and your own interpretation of the themes of the source material?

Back in January I transformed Junji Ito's manga, Uzumaki, into a board game.

Well, to be more accurate I was more of a hypnotized conduit.

The idea, for the most part, unwound itself into the new medium with little fuss. It was as if I were spinning thread, simply taking from the source and letting it form into something new. As usual, for me, posing the situation to a creative friend (or two) greased the wheels.

Due to how readily the process occurred, I'm not exactly about to attribute it to talent. It felt more like serendipity, as if I was fortunate to witness a thematic metamorphosis. The source was prime for being used in such an interactive way - the horror of Uzumaki relies on imagery and dread instead of endangered anxiety. As such, the art is naturally transferable. What was more difficult - and still not perfected despite my confidence - is the matching of plot and gameplay pacing.

I don't believe that my interpretation of the manga has detracted from the source or has even been distracted from it. It may very well be that my adoration is blinding me, as I willingly admit I can often become a zealot for my favorite fictions.

Nonetheless! I actually think this board game would reinforce the monomania of Uzumaki. It would allow players to further explore the tendrils of its icon into the physical. With some work on pacing, the metaphorical could also be cracked.

I intend to do it, too.

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