Monday, December 01, 2008

The best things in life are free

Amazing that a week or so after starting my business, I find this little gem.

I'm a very tactile artist, so finding Inkscape is exactly what I needed. I would have preferred to use a.viary's Raven, but I can't beta test it yet. Which is a shame, because I want to very badly. Pheonix is just not my cup of tea.

Someday, though, that suite is going to be a powerhouse of productivity. I wonder if they're a public company...

Wait. Raven's in Alpha now? Why the hell didn't I get an email? I mean, I can't afford the 10 bucks a month to become a subscriber, but I still would have wanted to know about it. Sheesh, maybe I put too much faith in the company. They're private, anyway.

I installed Open Workbench last night, as I was working on my Path to Glory warband. Sadly, there was a massive Java error that I wasn't able to quickly fix - so that'll be tonight's project I think.

From the it's-good-to-know-people department comes RPTools. IneffaBelle, from Superstruct, pointed me that way. A bunch of free tools for over-the-net Pen-and-Paper roleplaying? Hallelujah! I can finally start Rever! Thanks again, Belle.

I just need to get OW working so I can effectively plan out how the hell I'm going to get all of this done.

EDIT: Massive afterthought, here. I just wanted to mention Mibbit as the best free IRC client around. Browser-based, no download, no plugins. And you can even see Twitter updates in it, as well!