Sunday, November 23, 2008


So this month-long hiatus has been mostly due to waiting for my brain to piece itself back together after Youmacon and stuff. That was so incredibly fun - I highly recommend people give it a try next year if they've been wanting a good anime convention in Michigan. Here's hoping the Spoony Bards can make it again, as well as some more guests. While I was there, I found a small board game very similar in purpose to Shinobi, so I picked that up to review and analyze.

Which I still have to do.

The biggest note, however, is that Night Machine Entertainment, LLC is now a legal company! Now I need to finish writing the Operating Agreement, get Nate and Brennan signed on, register some logos and trademarks, and work on the website to make it worthy enough to be linked to. Then, the creative mercenaries can finally roll out. Or at the very least, start making a war-chest.

We're going to need it if Michigan is going to end up sucking as much as it looks like it will.

Oh, and figuring out what counts as a write-off-able expense would be up there, too. It's not like I can easily afford a CPA quite yet.

Next up: Gaia's zOMG MMOG finally launched. And it's really neat. When Gaia manages to iron out a few of the issues that still plague the game, I'll have a more in-depth review of it. In the meantime, I suggest trying it out anyway. It's free and browser-based, so why not?

Darkfall Online's Beta has begun, and so far things look promising. Hopefully this really will be the spiritual successor to Ultima Online. Quick and brutal combat, more intelligent enemies, and vast amounts of player-controlled territory? Sign me up.