Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dino Run

Apparently I'm late to this amazing web-based time waster, but I am completely enthralled by it nonetheless. Via's Most Addictive Browser Games.

Dino Run is a delightful game where you take control of a 'velociraptor' moments before the Yucatan asteroid hits the earth. You must run as fast as you can to the end of the level, before the encroaching blastwave (the Wall of Doom) catches up with you. Several levels of jumping, egg-collecting, creature-eating, and obstacle avoiding later, you find a sanctuary and survive the apocalypse.

This is all done with a minimalistic pixel art style, which lends itself very well to the basic gameplay. An uber-mega HD version would probably be amazing to look at, but the overall experience probably wouldn't change a whole lot.

So, let's see here. You have a skill-based dinosaur-themed time trial game, with branching tracks and semi-secret areas, along with a basic character editor and stat levels? No wonder I can't stop playing this damn thing.

Oh. Here's that background of The Melancholy I mentioned last time.

The gears of Night Machine turn once more.

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