Friday, July 25, 2008

The Avatar MMOG

So, Kotaku did a piece on an upcoming Avatar: The Last Airbender "MMOG."

I haven't really been following the series, but I watched the final episodes yesterday. I'm definitely going to get the box set of the three seasons when it becomes available. Once I see the whole series, I'm pretty certain it's going to earn a place next to Gargoyles and Beast Wars.

Anyway, the Avatar MMOG looks to be a mix between Avatar (duh), Pokemon, and Unreal Tournament. As done by a student at Digipen.

I say Pokemon because of the wonderfully simplistic stat system. You only have room for four moves (done by clicking or double-clicking the first and second mouse buttons). The stats behind them are Power, Balance, Spirit, and Toughness. Then, Health and Chi, and a small inventory for stat-boosting or one-time-use items.

Combat is running around an arena blasting the crap out of each other. This is where Unreal Tournament comes into play. Lots of projectiles, lots of speed. Only, no gibbits.

Lastly, the characters are low-polygon and not that greatly animated.

It looks like an interesting game to try out - and it'll be fun. I just don't see any reason to play it for more than an hour or so, despite being able to customize your own 'bender.

Which makes me incredibly disheartened, because the Avatar series had some crazycool worldbuilding behind it. They could do what The Matrix Online failed to do - continue the storyline online, with player input. It doesn't really seem like that hard of a concept, and if I remember correctly it was moreso Sony's fault that MxO didn't do that very well - not the devs. I'll have to do some homework on that.

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