Sunday, September 13, 2009

Interactive Fiction attempt #2 - Campus Arcana

I have an idea for a story I'd like to write one day. At first it was going to be a novel, but then I found Inform 7 and attempted to make it into an Interactive Fiction. This did not go well.

Now that I'm back on track for making progress with my life, I've decided to actually sit down and finish a damn game. For too long I've been telling people I'm "working on my portfolio," without much to show for it outside of networking.

Time to kill two birds with one boulder.

Rever, my pet storyworld, needs some loving. I need to do some hardcore worldbuilding. My plan is to release a tragic Interactive Fiction, where you step into the end of the world. 'The Fall' is the apocalypse that removes the Gods from play, as well as laying waste to the planet. In Campus Arcana, the player is a student studying for a test in a library when it happens. And they're doomed.

I'm aiming to make players want to be curious about the world, and to look for answers as to why the world is ending. If I like how Campus Arcana rolls out, I'd more than likely write other viewpoints - so players can piece together clues from different experiences.

Inform 7 lets me make a game without really learning a programming language. I'm not opposed to it, but right now I really want to have something I can say I Finished. That, and I'm still getting my writing to a worthy ability. Having to describe a lot of things you don't normally think about, while also attempting to guide a player, is a good exercise.

I just hope I can avoid playing Blue Lacuna until I finish, because I think it would absorb my life.

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