Friday, April 17, 2009

Uzumaki Prototyping

Had great fun tonight, making progress with the board design for the Uzumaki game.  

Over the next few days I'll be going through the Manga, again, making World and Story cards, with plenty of different effects to test out.  For example, a Story card from Chapter 3, "The Scar," could read: "Spin movement - all other characters move towards yours that many spaces, using shortcuts if possible."

Oh, that's another thing.  I'm throwing out dradels for a few very good reasons.  

1. No dradels = less cost
2. No dradels = no losing said dradels
3. Using the spinner instead will further reiterate the influence of Dragon Pond on the characters, and the player's influence on Dragon Pond.

Brilliant, really.  Wish I was the one to think of it...

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