Sunday, March 08, 2009

Fun with Blender

Back in college I had an Independant Study to make a small gallery of creatures, in Blender.  I enjoyed my time with the open-source software greatly, and didn't realize how much I missed it.  
For some reason, last week, I had a sudden urge to model my trusted roleplaying character, Arcadian.  He's a massive Lizardman - like a scaled Brock Samson without the lust.  I decided to start with his head, to shake the rust off.  The above picture is version 2, which is looking much better than the first.

Not that that says much.  The goal is to mix an Iguana with a Tyrannosaur with a Crocodile.  I don't think I've screwed myself up quite yet, but it's early in the little project and I have full convidence in my abilities.

I kept the jaws apart, because I may want to animate it opening and closing later on and didn't want to deal with cutting into the model.  But apparently that's actually really easy to do in Blender (imagine that!) so there was nothing to be worried about.  Oh well.

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