Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gotham's next crisis

Io9 sent me to Threat Quality Press, which presented A Compelling Argument for The Riddler.

Which, I must admit, makes a bit of sense. However, just because something makes sense doesn't make it gripping.

Instead, I've been mulling over a couple other possibilities.

The first logical one would be Harley Quinn. She would help set how much time has passed between The Dark Knight and the third movie, whatever that may be titled. We don't have to actually cast the Joker - just continue his antics through a proxy.

The main villain, though, should be Poison Ivy. The Green revolution will no doubt be picking up more and more steam, so having an eco-terrorist will absolutely resonate with audiences.

Toss in a strong character friendship growing between Ivy and Harley, and Nolan could make something almost as good as Dark Knight, I think.

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  1. MARVKO7:56 PM

    I think Harley Quinn would be awesome as a sociopath/clingy-girlfriend character. She falls in love with and is inspired by the Joker. She could be modeled after real life women who marry death-row inmates, only she takes it a step further(by blowing shit up).

    I'm not quit sure how the Nolans could handle poison Ivy, but I'd certainly be interested to see them try.