Saturday, June 28, 2008

Not even death can save you from WoW

First off, apologies for being absent for a few months or so. Had to lay down some new tracks for the railroad of life.

Anyway, Blizzard finally made Diablo 3 'official.'

And I am not happy.

Diablo and Diablo 2 were dark, miserable games which actively fought against madness and dispair. Diablo 3, however, screams of World of Warcraft's 'grab a buddy and go kill stuff, lol!'

Instead of 'Just... try to not die.'

That's the most disappointing thing, to me. The second most disappointing thing is that there is now ONLY class-based equipment. I'm sorry, but one of the coolest aspects of Diablo 2 was seeing what armor looks like what on which classes. I begrudgingly ignored the small amount of class-based items, mostly because they would look terrible and not mix with the 'feel' of the other classes, at all. Except for the assassin's weaponry - I wanted to have a punch-dagger wielding Barbarian so badly.

One can only hope that Blizzard will let Diablo 3 be easily moddable, so that an excellent team can be assembled to fix their drastic mistakes.

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