Monday, March 31, 2008

Mega Update #1 - Part 3 - Zombie CCG

This is going to be large update to my Zombie Survival Horror CCG system.

I'm still working on the prototype decks at the moment, but here is my proposed ruleset. My big goals for the CCG are balance, atmosphere, and simplicity.

Quick Summary: Each 'side' has their own deck. The cards are split into seperate categories - creatures, equipment, resources, and tactics. The turn structure starts with Draw, then Deploy, Combat (shooting, then melee), and Reinforce. Endgame has yet to be decided.

(I should note, before we go any further, that some of these mechanics are highly inspired by my years of playing Games Workshop's games.)

Each card has a Power value on it, from 1-10. This value is used for balance reasons (let's play with 200 point decks), and for 'rolling.'

A card demands a 'roll,' flip the top card of the library into your graveyard,* if the revealed card's Power is equal to or above the needed value, the effect succeeds.

Types of Cards:
Resource Cards provide a player with the meta-currency to purchase other cards. For instance, a pistol's Deploy Cost is 4 ammo. Any unused resources are lost at the end of the turn.

Tactics Cards are miscellaneous effects or events - from Barricades to Sniping to Dramatic Returns.

Equipment Cards bestow bonuses to creatures when attached.

Creature Cards have several defining values:
  • Speed: Determinds order in combat
  • HP: The amount of times one can be damaged. Some attacks do more than 1 damage.
  • Hit: The number which must be rolled, or higher, to deal damage in close combat.
  • Aim: The number which must be rolled, or higher, to deal damage when shooting.
Turn Structure:
  • Draw
  • Deploy
  • Combat
  • Reinforce
Draw: Draw 1 card into your hand. This value be modified by other cards.

Deploy: Discard resource cards to 'purchase' creatures and tactics from your hand, and put them into play.

Combat: This phase is split into Shooting and Melee.
  • Shooting: Only creatures with guns can attack, but everyone may be attacked. Highest Speed goes first.
  • Melee: Everyone can participate, even if they fired in the Shooting subphase. Unless modified, everyone deals 1 point of damage. Highest Speed goes first.
Reinforce: A second Deploy phase, without offensive Tactics.

Current questions/ideas floating in my head:
  • Endgame: Victory Points? Survive x turns? If Victory Points, how to tally? Count up graveyards after x turns?
  • *Rolling: Into graveyard, or back into deck - shuffling at the end of the turn? (If into graveyard, player must change strategy based on potentially lost cards, in exchange for damage dealt. Or, recycle only successes/failures back into the deck?)
  • Damage: Strip creatures of equipment before dealing them damage. (Vehicles breaking down, guns jamming, dropping melee weapons.)
Whew. Now to copy and paste this into at least two other forums.

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