Sunday, March 23, 2008

Blogspam #1

First, dear future readers, forgive me for the rapid-fire posts which are about to commence. I have a lot to catch up on.

Due to my membership in the Darkfall clan Oromea, I got to sit in on a developer IRC open house for Exanimus. A zombie MMOG in the works.

I'm kind of worried, because RCT (Rotting Corpse Team - the devs) seems to be composed of a good chunk of people from outside the gaming industry. They say they've gotten a large part of prototyping out of the way, and are working on their middleware products playing nicely together. I don't know what to make of that exactly - I almost translate that as 'we have a ton of money, let's see what we can do.'

Jealousy is probably a large part of that, though. I'd love to take a look at their design document and see what kind of mechanics they're planning. The forums have spurred a bit of creativity within me and I have some pretty cool ideas that I'd like for them to implement. Hopefully, one day, they'll notice my wonderful posts and let me in on it. I think having an online world of dramatic horror would be simply amazing - with zombie abilities reaching into the meta-physics of horror. Causing survivors to stumble or trip with fear, reload slowly or drop the reload altogether...

...I can hear the heartbeat getting louder as the zombies get closer...

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